Working dog food

All of our recipes were specifically created to meet the needs of the working dog and satisfy the high expectations of their owners. We have working pedigree behind us; the office head-pet is FTCH Northvale Tonka, who in 2015 became one of the youngest field trial champions in the country at that time. The needs of working dogs are the foundation for every nutritional decision we take.

We really do understand the needs of the working dog. A great working dog needs a great dog food, but we are acutely aware that a pet dog should not be fed a food of lesser quality. Working or unemployed, all dogs need great food.

Nutrition: protein, fat and calories

Your dog requires a certain number of calories to maintain peak physical condition. All raw dog food has a high meat content. The calories in meat come from either fat or protein. If a meal has too much fat then your dog’s calorific needs will be met before they have taken on enough protein. If a meal is too lean, then the opposite is true. We ensure an optimum balance of protien, fat and calories.

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8 portion sizes

The calorific needs of working dogs changes throughout the year. Dogs require more calories when they are working and less when they are not. Moreover, temperature has a far greater affect on calorific requirements than activity levels. Kennelled dogs in particular will need more food in the colder winter months. With our meal-size portions, you can jump up a pack size and keep your dog in perfect condition all year round.

Feeding guidelines

Portion size calculator

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