Why raw?

There are numerous benefits to feeding a healthy, natural and biologically appropriate raw diet.

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Why raw?

For us the logic is clear and unequivocal. Raw meat is the biologically appropriate, common sense way to feed a carnivore that has no idea how to cook. Dog owners in their droves are coming round to the logic and benefits of feeding raw, natural, unprocessed ingredients.

Humans have evolved to eat cooked food. Cooked food works for us because we have been eating it for nearly two million years. In this evolutionary context, dogs have only been eating dry biscuits for a few seconds. We know that they do better when they move back to the biologically appropriate raw food eaten by the their ancestors for tens of thousands of years.

Dry dog food undergoes possibly the most extreme food processing that humans carry out. Meat derivatives, cereals and huge quantities of additives are extruded together at very high temperatures to make the convenient little dry pellet. High temperatures reduce the nutritional quality of the ingredients and these lost nutrients must therefore be replaced with additives.

As humans we would not expect health and longevity if day after day we ate ultra-processed foods. Despite some pretty questionable food that has been created over the years, there is no human equivalent of the dried biscuit which we expect our dog to eat every single day.

Only the finest ingredients

We use human-grade meats sourced exclusivley from Great Britain and Ireland, combined with a precise blend of fruits, vegetables and botanicals.

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Reported benefits of raw

There are many known and reported benefits attributed to feeding a raw diet. We‘ve listed some of the most popular opinions below.

Relief from allergies

Cleaner teeth

Healthier weight

Strengthened immune system

Fresher breath

Better poos

Fewer trips to the vet

Superior palatability

Reduced anxiety

Improved mobility

Healthier skin

Increased energy and stamina

Improved performance

Stable temperament

Improved muscle tone

Shinier coat

Home-prepared raw meals

Home raw feeders are the beating heart of a raw food revolution and feeding home-prepared raw meals is incredibly satisfying.

Able specialise in complete meals and many of our customers feed homemade raw meals alongside Able. Home raw feeders really appreciate our meaty chunks. Some people feed Able in the morning and a home-prepared meal in the evening, others feed Able during the week and homemade meals at the weekend.

When feeding Able alongside a homemade diet, remember that our product is complete. Unless Able is making up the vast majority of your dog’s diet then you also need to feed the correct balance of meat, offals, bone and additions.

It won’t hurt in the slightest to give the odd hard bone or chicken carcass at the weekends or the odd bit of anything alongside a majority Able diet.

If you are new to raw food and and want to try home feeding then we wish you well. So long as you take all the good advice you can get and do your research carefully, we are confident you will find it very rewarding. Not everyone has the time or inclination to home-prepare meals but that is not a reason to go back to dry food. Our complete meals are fantastically easy.

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