Feeding guidelines

All our meals are pre-portioned — simply serve one per meal.

With convenient pack sizes available for each recipe from 150g to 500g, we offer meal-size portions for every dog. To work out your required portion size, please use the calculator below. It works for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels, however often you feed your dog.

The calculator relies on an honest appraisal of your dog’s body condition (whether they are underweight, overweight or just right) and the diagrams below may assist you in making an accurate assessment.

Portion size calculator

Body condition guide

To help you make an honest assessment of your dog’s body condition, we have provided the diagrams below. This is essential to ensure that we can recommend the appropriate portion size for your dog.


Ribs, spine and hip bones easily seen. Obvious waist and abdominal tuck. Little or no fat can be felt under the skin.

Ideal weight

Ribs, spine and hip bones easily felt. Visible waist with an abdominal tuck. A small amount of fat can be felt.


Ribs, spine and hip bones difficult to feel under a thick layer of fat. Little or no waist can be seen and belly may droop significantly. Layer of fat on lower back and at the base of the tail.

Pre-portioned, raw dog food, delivered.

Store in freezer

Able is shipped frozen and will remain so in transit. It is best to get your food in the freezer as soon as possible.

Meal-size portions

Simply serve one packet of Able per meal. It couldn't be easier to provide the precise nutrition your dog needs.


Defrost in the packet or a covered dog bowl, then serve. Dispose of the film in your general waste.

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